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Bride's Guide

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Flowers are one of the most important elements of your wedding day; captured by both photographer and videographer, they will be remembered long after the blooms have faded. Here is our Bride’s Guide to Wedding Flowers, ensuring your wedding flowers are memorable for all the right reasons.


Once you have set a date, picked a church and/or a venue, its time to discuss your wedding flowers. If you’re looking to get your bouquets, buttonholes and everything in-between created by a popular/in demand florist, it’s important to book your date in advance to avoid disappointment. If you’re not 100% decided on colour choices yet, that’s OK. Just make sure you’ve reserved your wedding day date and your wedding florist will help you with the rest.

Not at all! Flowers are visual and you can tell us what you like from images of previous weddings. Have a browse through wedding magazines or online blogs and bring inspirational images with you to your consultation.

The nice thing about how relaxed weddings have become means every wedding is different! Its entirely up to you and how traditional or modern you would like your wedding to be. In our consultation, we will talk you through the options, enabling you to pick and choose according to your preferences.

A warm welcome and a lot of questions! Your initial consultation will last between 1 and 2 hours. You’ll get to browse through our portfolio of our latest wedding work. We’ll discuss your preferred wedding style (modern, simple, elegant, colourful, romantic etc.) and if you have any flowers chosen that you like already.

It is extremely helpful to bring along photos of your dress, swatches of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses and photos of your venues. It’s also incredibly helpful if you have magazine clippings/printouts of wedding flowers that you like the look of.

There are many different styles of bridal bouquets, the most popular seven are: 1) Cascade/Waterfall, a strong style statement of flowers that drape down the front of the bride. 2) Round, perfect domes created from a single type of flower like roses or peonies. 3) Posy, typically feature a rounded shape, wrapped with ribbon and mainly feature flowers. 4) Nosegay, focuses on greenery, a popular choice for bridesmaids due to their compact size. 5) Pomander, big spheres that include a ribbon handle at the top for carrying or displaying. 6) Hand-tied, less rigid than other arrangements, hand-tieds feature a wide assortment of flowers and greenery. Simply secured with using ribbon, fabric or twine. 7) Composite/Glamelia, a large selection of individual petals secured to look like one large bloom.

The cost of your wedding flowers is entirely down to you – if you are watching your budget, we can help by giving you a number of options for you to choose from. We can advise you on what flowers are in season, what are the best choices for the budget-conscious and what are the options available for those not restricted by price. We can create a stylish arrangement for your wedding, no matter what your budget is.

Absolutely. We’ll ensure your flowers are looking perfect and are on-time.

Pretty much every fresh flower bouquet can be dried. For best results, they would need to reach their destination by the day after the wedding. We have access to a very good, local professional freeze drying business.

Yes, we pride ourselves on our overseas wedding service. In the last year, we have doubled the amount of overseas weddings we have provided flowers for. We carry out the consultations over the phone and send images via email.

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